Bwom ­

Digital Healthcare for Women

What do we do?

Women experience changes in their bodies at different stages of their lives, and health systems lack proper resources and prevention tools for each moment of their lives. Bwom empowers women through education, prevention and wellness plans for intimate health based on personalized exercises and habits that provide a better quality of life.  

How we can conquer the world?

Knowledge empowers people. We are building a solution that offers women what they need when they need it. We are bringing self-care available and accessible to any woman in any place of the world with a smartphone.

Who is helping us?

At Bwom we have a supportive community of women that are nurses, gynaecologists, physical therapists, doulas, and women’s influencers that help us spread the love to many women. Our investors and advisors including Hansi Hansmann, founder of Hansmen Group; Missy Lavender, founder and director of the Women’s Health Foundation in Chicago, Adam Lin from iSeed Ventures in San Francisco, and the founders of Runtastic app help us bring Bwom to the next level.

Why are we revolutionizing self-care for women?

We strongly believe in Self-care as the most sustainable path for society. We use technology to provide smart information and solutions, thus offering women the opportunity to learn and make preventative choices for their health.

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2015

Employees: 6

App Download: iOS , Google Play

Website: b-wom.com

Jobs: hello@b-wom.com


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