Price comparison for household bills

What do we do?

We help private households to conveniently reduce their household bills and save up to 2,000 Euros per year. To achieve that, we run the free comparison site durchblicker.at, offering tariff calculators for insurances, energy suppliers or financial products. On durchblicker.at, consumers can easily navigate thorugh the price jungle and can easily choose the products with the best price-performance ratio on the platform. Our service is free of charge! If needed, we also offer free consultation and handle all the paperwork when switching to another provider.

How do we conquer the world?

We’ll conquer the world later, for now our focus is on Austria. We already happen to be the leading comparison site in our respective categories, but there are still many areas and products we would like to integrate in our portal. Of course we stick to our goal of comparing most offers in the market in a convenient and objective way for free.

Who is helping us?

Every household that uses our free comparison tools to switch to another provider helps us. Higher switching rates foster more competition between providers and move the market. In addition, for every switch that is initiated through our platform, we get a moderate fee from the providers, which we invest in running our platform. As more and more consumers choose to conveniently optimize their fixed costs via durchblicker.at, we can continue to grow, develop new calculators and help to save consumers even more. Pretty cool, eh?

Why a comparison site?

Only few people have the time and inclination to call ten different insurance companies to find the best offer. Therefore, most consumers in Austria pay much more for insurance, energy and financial products than necessary. We used to work with insurance and financial services for a long time and realized that you can save a lot of money just by comparing. So we came up with the idea to start durchblicker.at.

Facts & Figures

Launch: Feb 2010

Employees: 45

800,000 comparisons a month

Website: durchblicker.at

Jobs: durchblicker.at/jobs


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