Journi ­

Capture, share and relive personal adventures with ease

What do we do?

We are journi, the next generation diary app for iOS and Android to capture, share and relive your personal adventures with ease. There has never been an easier way to preserve and share a whole adventure from all angels as digital story or printed as photo book, calendar or prints in a box. Take photos and make notes if you want and let journi do the rest. Whether this is your next summer vacation in Asia, your weekend getaway to the Alps, your biking tour to the North Cape, your gap year in New Zealand, a family event, a project, a wedding, raising a child or your daily life with journi you have them always ready to share and relive, right in your pocket.


How do we conquer the world?

Journi is very easy to use, beautiful and makes fun. Creating your blog or photo book is just a click away. Thereby the app saves a lot of time and makes it possible to eventually live the moment.

To put the cherry on the cake, the main growth engine is the app itself, creating more than 50% of the daily sign-ups, mainly through invites and shares.

This vibrant and fast growing community already made us one of the best performing apps in the field of travel adventures. Currently you can discover and search for over 80,000 of these stories if users share them publicly.


Who is helping us?

First of all our community and everyone who loves journi. Our team, friends, family, our investors and partners Hansi Hansmann, Katharina Klausberger and Armin Strbac from Shpock and Michael Eisler from startup300 who believe in us and support us in our own “journi” becoming the rising star in the personalized photo services market.


Why a diary app?

Our personal adventures are one of the most important times in our lives, that’s why we want to enjoy them as much as possible and at the same time make them unforgettable. But capturing, organizing, sharing and rediscovering our adventures is still a pain and takes a lot of time. With journi we close this gap and provide a simple solution.

Now it’s time to make your journi unforgettable too! #lifeisajourni


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2014

Employees: 7

App Download: Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Website: www.journiapp.com

Jobs: takeme@journiapp.com


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