empowering individual healthcare

What do we do?

kiweno empowers individuals to understand, manage and optimize their own health in a personalized and engaging way. By combining simple and affordable home-to-laboratory tests with interactive online data visualization, we provide unprecedented insights into nutritional health. This tailored information is displayed in a personal web-based health profile, enhanced by motivational features to help people reach their health goals easier, faster and with more joy.

How do we conquer the world?

Our secret lies in the unique combination of cutting-edge laboratory diagnostic technology and medical excellence with simplicity, playfulness and fun! We think the key to motivate people living healthier lives lies in providing easy access to formerly expensive laboratory diagnostic testing technologies as well as presenting medical data in a way that awakes curiosity and inspires a change. Together with an excellent team consisting of leading medical and business experts we are aiming to redefine and empower individual healthcare — worldwide.

Who is helping us?

Not only a business mastermind and truly experienced in the health tech and pharmaceutical industry but also with an enormous amount of passion we are grateful to be guided by THE „angel“ Hansi Hansmann. Alongside with our second business angel, former Swatch Group-CEO Rudi Semrad, both share their wisdom, give us encouragement and direction. Furthermore we are proud of having helpful and reliable business partners who are true supporters on our journey. But in fact it is everyone, who believes in us and empowers us on our mission to redefine healthcare.

Why redefining individual healthcare?

Encouraged by the health policies of many European countries, often health is not considered until diseases evolve into unbearable conditions. However, the key to sustainable health and well-being lies in prevention and health promotion. Through the easy access to laboratory diagnostic self-tests and clearly intuitive medical reports, we are able to support and motivate people to take over responsibility for their own health and emancipate them to manage and optimize it proactively — long before health issues and risks occur.

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2014

Employees: 12

User Profiles: > 30,000

Website: www.kiweno.com

Blog: blog.kiweno.com

Jobs:  jobs@kiweno.com

Current Openings:

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer


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