Mobile Fitness Company

What do we do?

Founded in 2009, Runtastic has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness and quality of life. Now, what does that really mean? It means we combine award-winning apps, proprietary hardware & the services of Runtastic.com to offer users a comprehensive health & fitness ecosystem which tracks, analyzes & stores users’ activity data. Designed for people of all fitness levels – even those who are simply looking to kick start a better way of life! – Runtastic is fun & easy to use and boasts over 75 million downloads and 35+ million registered users worldwide.

How do we conquer the world?

Runtastic was founded by four young men from Upper Austria, but we’re well known for our extremely international and broad approach to the industry. We continue to be headquartered in Linz, Austria and also have satellite offices in Vienna, Austria and San Francisco, California. The Runtastic team is made up of 90+ dynamic individuals from over 18 nations. Diversity and inclusivity have always been and will remain a top priority of Runtastic!

We demonstrate a focus on inclusivity in our product lines as well. Runtastic is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Runtastic.com accommodates visitors in 12 languages and the flagship Runtastic app is available in 16 languages.

Why fitness?

Health and fitness are incredibly important topics and they’re becoming more popular as an industry as we speak. We recognized an opportunity at the right time and thoroughly enjoy helping people get fit and live better by using our products. Runtastic is your perfect tracking partner, no matter what your favorite sport or athletic endeavor. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, Runtastic helps you get fit, stay fit & feel terrific!

Facts & Figures

Employees: + 180

APP Downloads: +190 Mio.

User: +95 Mio.

Website: runtastic.com

Jobs: www.runtastic.com/en/career


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