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What do we do?

whatchado is the American short version of “what do you do?”. We ask everyone “whatchado” and record it on video. whatchado is therefore a combination of a storytelling handbook and a standardized format of short films on career guidance. We always use the same set of seven questions – regardless of rank and position. We want to create the “handbook of life stories” where people from all over the world, from the bus-driver to the president tell the world their individual stories. Users visit whatchado.com and use our innovative matching to find people and jobs that match their interests to find people, stories and careers. Use whatchado to find your calling!

Who is helping us?

Our team, our families and friends, our community, Hansi Hansmann and of course our Business Angles Brigitte Ederer, Claus Raidl und Peter Püspök. Actually everyone who believes in us and supports us on our journey to save the world.

How do we conquer the world?

People in our videos share both, professional and private considerations – an aspect that contributes to the popularity of our website. We have collected thousands of stories from all over the world, representing job profiles in every industry. Companies love to work with whatchado as they are able to present their corporate culture in the most authentic form: through their employees. This creates authenticity and helps companies to find new employees who fit with their culture. This approach is unique and will change the job market fundamentally.

Why storytelling?

Because #EveryStoryCounts. Because we love to probe people on their lives and backgrounds. Because we want to empower people to take the right career paths and to find their calling. We think people appreciate what we do as we have received several international awards such as the United Nations World Summit Award and the German Online-Communications Award.

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2011

Employees: 48

Videos online: >4.100 (from all over the world)

Website: whatchado.com

Jobs: jobs@whatchado.com


Watch Jubin Honarfar’s and Lena Pösl’s (in German) WHATCHADO video:




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