Mobile OCR technology

What do we do?

Anyline teaches smartphones how to read. Our mobile image processing technology optimises objects and images in real-time in order to read them with OCR algorithms – easily with a smartphone camera. This makes QR codes and bar codes unnecessary, because with Anyline all kinds of digits and data become machine-readable. Anyline can already reliably scan blood sugar meters for mySugr, sweepstake codes on Red Bull cans and gas and power meters and can be implemented in iOS or Android applications.

How do we conquer the world?

We’ve got a big advantage compared to conventional OCR solutions, because with our patented image processing technology we can even recognize and read data in the most unfavourable lighting conditions and verify them directly on mobile devices. Part of our team has already known each other from way back in school – our creative team is very tightly knit and together we are working towards the same world domination plan. The current plan looks like this: Learn how to scan as many objects and images and therefore link them together via smartphones in order to be one of the pioneers in the Internet of Things movement.

Who is helping us?

We’ve worked our way through many agency hours throughout the last years with app development at our company 9yards to be able to push Anyline forward on the side and also found support in FFG and a grant of the Vienna Business Agency. Still, we couldn’t have come that far without Anyline’s first clients and partners and Hansi Hansmann – we are just starting right now!

Why image processing and OCR?

We’ve realized that we have many ways to make money as a technical company, but in our niche we saw a great opportunity: Help people make fewer mistakes. Our applications try to help people save time and support them in their daily activities – Anyline offers little technical superpowers.

Facts & Figures

Employees: 14

Website: www.anyline.io

Jobs: www.anyline.io/jobs/



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