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The first mobile, revolving credit line


What does cashpresso do?

cashpresso is a flexible overdraft. Available both as a web-based and APP service, cashpresso works independently from a customer’s bank account. Signing-up is as easy as it gets – customers need top-of-your-head data only. Our risk check gives immediate feedback whether the overdraft is granted or not. Fully KYC/AML compliant identification is done with a simple video call and a legally certain contract is signed electronically – all done in 10 minutes, completely online, with no media breaks.


What makes cashpresso special?

Requesting an overdraft at cashpresso is easier, faster and more convenient as ever before – and can be done via app or web.
Usage is simple and straightforward, as our credit line is revolving. Customers may re-use cashpresso as often as they want with no need for multiple contracts, once a customer is signed up. As for repayment, we offer customers a variety of options to choose and change at no extra cost. We believe financial services should support customers to make informed decisions. Our pricing policy is kept deliberately simple – customers only pay interest on open amounts, with absolutely no fixed or hidden fees attached. We provide customers with easily accessible, real-time information including accrued interest at any time. Furthermore cashpresso aims to be always of service, never a burden. Thus, cancelling cashpresso is as easy as signing up – done with a few clicks.


Who is helping us?

We are grateful to have a cross-functional board of advisors and partners supporting us since the very beginning. Besides numerous partners providing valuable business insights with regards to FinTech like Speedinvest, we are glad to have seasoned investors passionate about brands and marketing – especially business angels Hansi Hansmann and Stefan Kalteis.


Why another credit product?

For any number of reasons, one can be struck by a difficult financial situation. Before cashpresso, customers were stuck with credit services either slow and cumbersome or intransparent and costly. Our approach was to change this and provide a simple, fast and transparently priced solution. cashpresso’s founders have more than 10 years’ experience in the payment industry and felt the time had come to change the way loans are granted. But that’s not all – much more features are on the way.


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2016

Employees: 8

App Download: iOS & Android

Website: www.cashpresso.com


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