Company & employee assistance

What are we doing?

As an external cooperation partner, we help employers and employees throughout Austria by providing a variety of support programs. Satisfied employees turn the company they work for into a better positioned one. Employees who can really focus on their job during working hours will make for a more successful company. The reduction of conflicts and friction improves employees’ productivity.

How do we conquer the world?

We help our clients’ employees by letting their energy flow into projects rather than focussing on finding solutions for professional and private problems. Everything for productivity’s sake. The fuel of every successful company is the spirit of motivated employees.

Who helps us achieve that?

The experts of consentiv follow the maxim “Not every team member is able (or wants) to lead. But the whole team will be in flow if everyone within the company knows about the importance of their individual contribution for having success.” and will enjoy convincing you of its advantages!

Inspired by all of our clients from different business verticals and their 43,000 eligible employees throughout Austria, consentiv permanently furthers its products. The shareholders of consentiv support the company in word and deed and especially with great belief in the product. consentiv has been existing on the market for 14 years. Thanks to the consulting of shareholders, a complete reorganization and with the support of shareholder and mentor Hansi Hansmann gives consentiv the enthusiasm and spirit of a start-up.

Why consentiv?

Because we benefit companies and employees!

Facts & Figures

ReLaunch: 2013

Employees: 27

User: more than 50 companies with 43,000 Eligible employees throughout Austria

Website: consentiv.com

Jobs: consentiv.com/jobs


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