Price comparison for household bills

What do we do?

We help to make smart decisions and save household costs. Consumers easily find the suitable offer for their own needs with our online comparisons for insurances, energy, finances and phone/internet. Afterwards it is possible to buy directly online – we take care of the rest! Our independent experts not just only handle all formalities around the new contract or changeover, but also offer free support for the choice of a suitable offer.


How do we conquer the world?

We are Austria’s biggest price comparison site and focus on the human. Thousands already use durchblicker and save costs year by year – and they get more and more. To support the Austrian on many ways at the best we expand our service constantly. Our goal: The satisfaction of our users should know no bounds.


Who is helping us?

Everybody who uses our comparison tools encourages more competition between providers. Those who not only compare, but also buy, help us to offer our service also in the future for free. Because more and more consumers optimize their household costs with durchblicker we can continue to grow and develop new services.


Why a comparison site?

It can be a real challenge to get an overall view in the price jungle. Our mission is that everybody finds a suitable offer even without expertise. The products which we compare are complicated enough, that’s why we make the comparison and purchase as simple as possible. To save money should be that easy!

Facts & Figures

Launch: Feb 2010

Employees: 75

Over 1 million comparisons a month

Website: durchblicker.at

Jobs: karriere.durchblicker.at

Watch Reinhold Baudisch’s WHATCHADO video in German:


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