Journi ­

Create photo books as easy as taking photos, leveraging the power of AI


What do we do?

We turn your memories into amazing photo books within seconds. 


How do we conquer the world?

Journi’s unique layouting algorithm uses the power of artificial intelligence to always find the perfect photo book layout in no time. In about 1min we can process up to 1.000 elements, making us the fastest and easiest photo book solution worldwide. To keep this technology advantage and to deliver our customers an amazingly fast and beautiful experience, we keep improving the algorithm constantly. So far our apps have been growing organically to about 1Mio downloads. Main drivers are the referrals by users. Leveraging the high LTV of our customers we further scale using mobile ads. This combination of tech and growth is giving us the power to disrupt the photo book market.


Who is helping us?

First of all our community and everyone who loves Journi. Our team, friends, family, our investors and partners Hansi Hansmann, Katharina Klausberger and Armin Strbac from Shpock and Michael Eisler from startup300 who believe in us and support us in our own “Journi” becoming the rising star, disrupting the photo book market.


Why a photo print app?

Today our memories are more worth than ever. That’s why we take a lot of photos. Already over 90% of all photos are created with mobile devices, but most of them never see the light of day to tell their stories. They are lost in our data storage systems, because we do not have the time to create something like a photo book. With Journi we bring your memories back to life creating amazing photo books in seconds, leveraging the power of A.I. Our smart algorithm acts like a designer, creating the perfect photo book for you, reducing the average time of creating a photo book by 99%.


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2014

Employees: 7

App Downloads: About 1Mio

Awards: 20,000 Featurings in the App and Play Store, Worldwide Editors Choice in the Play Store, Featured on all test devices in Apple Stores

Journi Photo Journal App: Download

Journi Photo Book App: Download

Jobs: We’re always looking for great talents so check out our job board: https://angel.co/journi/jobs or apply directly at takeme@journiapp.com


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