Internet of Things platform for the industry

What do we do?

LineMetrics makes measured data and appliance states quickly available and accessible from anywhere. Our online platform allows to acquire, monitor, and analyze sensor and machine data directly within the web browser with minimal installation work. Register online, unpack the LineMetrics GSM data logger box, connect signals and go!

How do we conquer the world?

As an innovation leader, we are providing technology which is years ahead of the technology of our competitors. As an agile start-up, we are continuously extending this leadership. Our platform is designed as a public cloud solution for a global market. Our vision is to empower users themselves to solve their problems within a short period of time. Without complex, lengthy IT projects and without experts on the subject matter with an average ROI of only a few weeks.

Who is helping us?

We are the technology provider. Our success is supported by reliable integration and distribution partners. We continually maintain and expand an international network of trusted partners. Together, we ensure the continued growth of LineMetrics.

Why industry?

For us it’s not only production companies. We are talking about industry in the broad sense: manufacturing, retail chains, agriculture. All sectors where there are potential applications that previously could not be realized with traditional solutions. We are the cost-effective gateway drug into the web-based analysis of data for small and big companies. LineMetrics is the optimization tool for the masses.

Facts & Figures

Launch: May 2012

Employees: 14

Processed data points: 500,000,000

Website: linemetrics.com

Jobs: linemetrics.com/en/jobs


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