private medicine for all

What do we do?

Make an appointment and immediately have your turn. That was the basic idea that we have adopted with mediclass. Our concept is extending. Private physicians, all of them brilliant in their field, are working at health insurance fund tariffs in mediclass. It means nothing less than offering the highest quality of medical care for all at the same price. From perfectly healthy students to old people, they  pay all the same monthly fee. Mediclass even takes care of the submission of reimbursement for your social insurance.

How do we conquer the world?

We are growing fast. The first mediclass health center in Vienna’s 2nd district was opened in 2011. New centers will follow in Vienna, Linz and Graz. And that’s the way it should go on. By 2020, 20 Mediclass centers are planned throughout Austria and Europe.

Who is helping us?

The people who are confident of our system. Because through their membership fees we pay for the medical infrastructure – the ordination, the technology and the employees. Additional costs barely arise. It is very simple: Most part of of the costs is already covered by the membership fee. For each treatment, customers pay only the health insurance fund tariffs. For companies, there are special tariffs that allow us to grow rapidly in this area.

Why a health center?

Our founder Christoph Sauermann was for many years manager for several pharmaceutical companies. He knows the hurdles and problems of the current health care system and wanted to prove that it can be done better. That’s how Mediclass came into being. Meanwhile, the largest Austrian private insurers are confident of our system and have wide-ranging cooperations with us.

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2010

Employees: 12  and over 60 physicians & therapists

User: + 8.000 members & over 40,000 consultations

Website: mediclass.com


Watch Christoph Sauermann’s and Johanna Kyriakou’s WHATCHADO video in German:



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