Learn the skills of the future on the go

 What do we do?

Mimo takes computer science topics that previously filled books and classes and breaks them down into bite-size lessons that are tailored to the mobile generation.


How can we conquer the world?

Mimo’s lessons are fun and interactive, fit into people’s everyday lives, and lead them to make a habit of self-improvement. Getting through to more than a million people and achieving completion numbers far above the industry average, Mimo is well on its way to becoming the one-stop shop for education and entertainment on the go.


Who is helping us?

We’re a diverse and driven team of hackers and humbled to work with some of the most successful investors and mentors in the industry.


Why are we revolutionizing mobile learning?

We’ve all gone to school and know how ineffective the chalk-and-talk approach is. We’ve all enrolled in online courses and know why almost nobody ever finishes them. And we’ve all been hooked by mobile apps that provide instant gratification but little educational value.


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2016
Employees: 7
Website: getmimo.com
Jobs: jobs@getmimo.com




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