One membership. Unlimited Sports.


What do we do?

myClubs is the biggest sports provider in Austria and Switzerland – without running any gym or studio. myClubs combines courses and other sports activities of more than 500 providers in one single membership and makes them digitally accessible. For myClubs customers, this means: Opening the app, choosing out of over 4.000 weekly workouts, booking with one click and easily doing sports. Mondays yoga, Wednesdays tennis and Fridays CrossFit – more than 30 different types of sport are included in our membership models. This is how we bring flexibility in the sports sector and create added value for customers as well as sports providers. With our digital sports solutions we are also revolutionising the Corporate Fitness and insurance market.


How can we conquer the world?

We see ourselves as technology leader of sports aggregators. Our technical innovations support our partners at digital marketing and our customers at doing more sports. In addition, we continuously expand our network by new cities, studios and trend-workouts. The myClubs App is the central booking tool, which ensures a fast and easy access to sports. With different features the app also serves as a personal motivator: Individualised workout recommendations, a myClubs newsfeed with fitness content and special team features for B2B customers make it unique. By combining a huge sports offer with technical know-how, we became the biggest sports aggregator in Austria and Switzerland. Our aim is to maintain this advance and utilise it for our further international roll-out.


Who is helping us?

We are a diverse team consisting of 22 sports- and tech-enthusiasts from seven countries. In our offices in Vienna and Zurich we daily speak four different languages. Among our investors are not only Hansi, but also the experienced VCs Speedinvest, Gründerfonds and Push Ventures, who keep challenging and supporting us. When it comes to questions concerning operational topics, we often interchange with other hansmen group startups and support each other.


Why are we revolutionizing the fitness market?

We want to break with the model of traditional fitness memberships. myClubs quits long lasting contract commitment, enrollment fees and onesided sports offers at fixed locations and set hours. Our concept also opens completely new possibilites in the field of corporate fitness. With one single solution business clients match the demands of all their employees. Aimed marketing measures and app features ensure the motivation for sports activities and support the process of teambuilding. We make sure that sport is fun again and suits every lifestyle.


Facts & Figures


Founded in: 2014

employees: 22

App Download: IOSAndroid

Website: myclubs.com

jobs: myclubs.com/at/de/jobs


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