Make Diabetes suck less.

What do we do?

The Viennese company wants to pull the teeth of diabetes. With charm, jokes and a cheeky monster as a motivation help, diabetes treatment is a bit more pleasant.

How do we conquer the world?

Damn fast. Established 2011. 2012 the first investment (High five , Hansi!) , the company and the roll-out in Europe. 2013 we sailed away in San Francisco and established mySugr Inc. 2014, the leap from Mobile start-up to 360 – degree diabetes company. And the first steps in Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.

Who is helping us?

Our high quality. We put a lot of love into product and interaction design. We are certified ISO 13485, therefore mySugr is a medical product. Most decisions are made by people with diabetes.

Why diabetes?

The majority of mySugr’s team is diabetic. That’s why the concerns of diabetics are a matter of the heart fo us. Therefore, we put a lot of soul into our products. Simply because we know how fucked-up (wahh, sorry!) diabetes may be and how alone and marginalized you can feel if you do not get the right support.

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2012

Employees: + 40

User: +1 Million Users  in +15 countries

Website: mysugr.com


Watch Frank Westermann’s WHATCHADO video in German:


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