Fast. Forward. Future.

What do we do?

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, future technologies and science. That’s why we connect and support entrepreneurs all over the globe in order to help them solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation.

Our community of over 20,000 pioneering minds comes together at over 60+ worldwide events. Our annual peak event is the internationally renowned Pioneers Festival, in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna with over 2,500 participants. In Austria, we also actively connect startups and corporate as well as governmental institutions to foster co-creation and startup driven progress, or in one sentence: We make people pioneer!

How do we conquer the world?

We inspire, empower, and connect the world’s pioneers.

It all starts with inspiration. The future is shaped by people who are inspired, creative and active! We want to inspire people to believe in their ideas, in their visions of the future and in themselves. We want to empower entrepreneurs, support them along their way. For that we bring global shapers and pioneers together offline and provide tools within the Pioneers community to stay connected online. With that we help them shape our tomorrow in the most effective way possible.

Who is helping us?

You. Each entrepreneur, each speaker, each startup, and each visitor of the events in the 40 cities, which we are active in and every single person online hels us create our community. This way we can guarantee no game changing idea gets lost.

Why a festival?

Pioneers Festival is the leading annual event where future technologies and science meet entrepreneurship – in a 500 year old palace. Limited to 2,500 international guests and followed by 55,000 (2013) people over live stream, the festival is the only event focusing on future technologies across all industries – from web & mobile to health tech, AI & robotics, IoE, energy, mobility and aerospace. Participants not only get to know the right investors, startups or corporates in the various fields, they can also learn from the most successful entrepreneurs and gain a broader overview on the latest technological development.

And the atmosphere…. well, come and see for yourself.

Facts & Figures

Pioneer Festival Visitors:

+2,500 people

+600 startups

+250 investors (only at main event)

Website: pioneers.io

Jobs: pioneers.io/career/


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