Brushing lasts 2x longer when it’s fun! 

What do we do?

Playbrush helps children with their dental health by gamifying toothbrushing. With our smart toothbrushes, children control interactive mobile games via their brushing movements and consequently improve their daily oral care, while parents monitor their kids’ brushing behavior with one click via our detailed statistics. 

How can we conquer the world?

Often neglected, tooth decay and gum disease are among the most common health problems worldwide – both among children and adults. To foster better prevention, we strive to revolutionize the ancient oral care industry – by developing smart software solutions that are combined with traditional products like toothbrushes, toothpaste or dental insurance in unique subscription offerings. 

Who is helping us?

We are grateful to work with an ambitious core team of 20+ from our offices in Vienna and London. In addition, we are supported by great investors (Hansi, Lucanus from Speedinvest, Harold Primat), unique partnerships (Unilever, Uniqa, Pro 7, HRH The Duke of York, University College London) and renowned dental experts from all over Europe. 

Why are we revolutionizing toothbrushing?

Being bad brushers ourselves, we are not only solving one of our lifetime problems, but Paul was also inspired by his godchild Louis. Like most children, Louis is not particularly keen on brushing and therefore he was not brushing for long enough, regularly or accurately. This all leads to frightening and painful dentist appointments, repetitive arguments with his parents and large dental treatment costs.

Louis is not alone, as tooth decay is – after the cold – the most common childhood disease.  


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2015

Employees: 20

Website: www.playbrush.com

Jobs: jobs@playbrush.com


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