Shpock, the boot sale app for beautiful things.

What do we do?

We are Shpock, the boot sale app for beautiful things on iOS and Android. It’s the up and coming marketplace to sell and buy your stuff. Grandma’s favourite chair, dad’s record collection, your fixie, or your old smartphone. Everything that sells, directly fills your wallet.

How do we conquer the world?

Shpock is simple and fun. That’s one of the main ingredients. The app helps you sell your stuff within just 30 seconds. Just use your smartphone, take a picture, and add a short description, type in a price, and go. And Shpock also changed the way how to discover new second hand products. It allows for a totally new and fun way to browse and find the next thing to buy.

Within just 18 month after launch, we grew a vibrating, second hand loving community with over 3 million cool people who are hunting for the next treasure or the best bargain. Currently, most of them are located in Germany, Austria and the UK…

Who is helping us?

Everybody, who loves the idea of Shpock as much as we do. Our team, our friends, our community, and maybe you too? And there are Hansi Hansmann, the Business Angle fund Speed Invest and the Norwegian media company Schibsted, who always believed in us and support us in our journey to create the best mobile second hand shopping experience.

Why a boot sale app?

As we once sat together in spring 2012, we talked about how great it would be to have a simple and portable boot sale! As fans of the old and extraordinary, we noticed that existing classifieds websites have become more and more complicated and the loyal community was getting smaller and smaller. It was obvious to us: We would love to create something new and easy: Take out your smartphone, take a picture, insert a short description and that’s it. The picture-based design and the possibilities of using smartphones make it possible: Shpock was born!

Facts & Figures

Launch: 17.09.2012
Employees: 100+

Downloads:  30 Million

App Download: iOS & Android

Website: shpock.com

Jobs: www.shpock.com/jobs/


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