Swell ­

Decisions Fast & Fun

What do we do?

Swell is a Photo App that let’s you share your opinion with friends & strangers. In an A/B voting you can ask and answer questions like #whattowear #whattoeat or #wheretogo and make quick decisions together with your friends.


How we can conquer the world?

Swell connects vote­minded people all­ over the world and gives everyone a voice. We start with things like influencing a strangers wardrobe & helping Start­ups decide which company logo to use. In the near future Swell will predict people’s decisions in real­time no matter if it’s fun, fashion or even politics.


Who is helping us?

At Swell a world­wide community helps each other with daily decisions. As a company our investors & advisors including Stefan Kalteis, Hansi Hansmann & Michael Eisler help us founders to make the right decisions as quick as possible.


Why are we revolutionizing the field of decision making?

Whilst we all have a very strong opinion within our field of expertise we often struggle with simple decisions. It feels better to have your best friends advise in your pocket as well as being able to share your opinion with Millions of people all over the world. A Vote is as little effort as a like with a way bigger impact, we believe your vote can change people’s life’s!

Share your opinion & make life swell!

Facts & Figures

Launch: 2016

Employees: 7

App Download: iOS (www.swl.wtf/app)

Website: www.swell.wtf

Jobs: jobs@swell.wtf


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