Turns Fitness & Diet into a game!

What do we do?

WatchFit is a marketplace for health and fitness…with a social game twist! It is the ultimate resource for superb downloadable fitness and nutrition plans created by experts – gamified for maximum, fun, engagement, motivation and results. WatchFit platform is also a massive hub for high quality fitness, health and wellbeing related features and instructions, written exclusively by approved experts. This increases by several article every day and has fast become a massively informative library. We harness the best in diet, fitness, instruction and education and create the ideal environment to enjoy and truly benefit from expert plans. WatchFit merges exercise, diet and fun. What a combination!

How do we conquer the world?

Everybody from an Olympic champion to an overweight non-exerciser wants to improve something about themselves physically. This might be heightened performance in a particular discipline, shedding fat, gaining weight, getting stronger, building muscle, improving cardiovascular fitness or just looking better for the beach holiday!  In short, everybody can relate to being fitter, healthier and better looking! This is why the global health and fitness market is massive already. However it is still only scratching the surface and an upward trajectory assured for many years to come.

By targeting our apps at mobile phones we are ensuring WatchFit plans and content are always within a literal arms reach of most people. They carry their personal trainer and their fitness and lifestyle magazines with them at all times – all rolled into one WatchFit bundle! We also harness the network of all the experts we work with, meaning that each article or plan provided by a partner expert is promoted through their own network as well as ours. It’s pretty awesome!

Who is helping us?

WatchFit has attracted the very best talent from the worlds of: fitness, health, nutrition, sport and wellbeing. Even before we launched we have attracted the likes of : the UK’s top TV nutritionist, National Fitness Champions, Olympic gold medallists, a Celebrity Chef from USA & Australian TV, authors, academics, World Champions, elite coaches and leading authorities across the full spectrum of health and dietary subjects. Our experts provide their material to WatchFit exclusively and we are hugely proud to have them involved. As for the WatchFit staff – we are led by Founder & CEO Parisa Louie who has enjoyed success with previous start up businesses but finally found her way to her true passion – fitness. She has assembled a team of like minded and skilled fitness enthusiasts who all enjoy sporting activities and have a genuine passion for combining fun with fitness. We constantly motivate each other across our offices in London, Budapest, Bulgaria and Spain and live the WatchFit message of enjoyment through exercise and positive results.


Why social dieting and exercising?

Because we believe that life should be enjoyed and we can achieve great things in life if the journey is fun! Our apps allow communities to be built up around them. This means that anybody buying into and following a specific plan can share their activities and progress with others. Through the points accumulation system they can gauge how they’re getting on in comparison with fellow app users and a sense of competition can work wonders for motivation! The combination of quality proven plans with gamified, inspiring and motivating elements make WatchFit the most fun and involving results-driven mobile fitness resource!


Website: watchfit.com


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