The Google Analytics for the Offline World


What do we do?

At Waytation, we transform old economies to the digital age by analyzing where customers move around in the real world. Our tracking solution provides insights about the complete customer journey to enhance the overall experience, save resources and measure ROI. Since 2015 we analyze conferences and exhibitions.


How do we conquer the world?

“Waytation analytics, wherever movements matter”

We aim to use our indoor-tracking technology in many verticals and use cases. The conference and exhibition market is the first one we target. It is a very interesting one, as it is 200 years old and has an identity crisis now towards digitalization. We want to revolutionize this old economy and help improving the experience for visitors on-site. Vienna is a perfect hub for a conference startup like us, as it leads international rankings of conference capitals.


Why are we into tracking and analytics?

“Measure what is measureable and make measureable what is not so” – Galileo Galilei

It simply feels good to have hardware, which you can touch and feel – and data, which nobody had before.

Our indoor tracking technology is able to capture 100% of visitor flows even in complex environments with thousands of visitors. We do not depend on smartphones, cameras or RFID/barcode scanners. Our smart sensors (WayStations) measure the position of little tokens (WayTags) with up to 50m distance. Per event-day we transform ~300,000,000 path information into deep analytics and enable our customers to discover new insights through our online platform (WayCloud).


Who is helping us?

After only 2 years we have a team of 22 passionate employees with a great track record. Besides the collaboration with Hansi and the other Hansmen, we appreciate the great support by Michael Eisler and his startup300 members, Johannes Siller (mapcon) and our very first customer EASL, who is now an investor too. We have a lot of strategic supporters on board and value the powerful help by Austrian public grants like AWS and Accent.


Facts & figures

Launch: 2015 (incorporation 2016, investment 2017)

Employees: 22 passionate team members (2 founders)

Internationalization: projects in 6 countries

Website: waytation.com

Jobs: jobs@waytation.com



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