Our vision is to make you happy by helping you find the profession that suits you perfectly!

What do we do?

We interviewed more than 6,500 people, who have already found their professional happiness. From Youtubers to company founders, on our platform a broad variety of professional opportunities and ways to get there can be explored.


How do we conquer the world?
The professional world with all its different employers and professional backgrounds is similar to the diversity of people and their personal stories. That’s why we show not only thousands of video stories from employees, but also present the best employers and the most exciting job profiles. As a result, you will be able to get a unique look inside the companies, discover their jobs and get a feel for their working environment. And then there is our own whatchado matching. By answering 14 simple questions, people will get matched with the persons interviewed and can discover jobs that suit each individual’s personality and dreams.


Who is helping us?

Our team of more than 40 employees, our community, our more than 250 customers, Hansi Hansmann and of course our Business Angles Brigitte Ederer, Claus Raidl, Family office Püspök, Hilde Umdasch and Nicole Ehrlich-Adam. And of course, the many people out there who believe in us and support us on our journey to save the world.


Why career orientation?

We love what we do! We believe that there is not only the perfect partner for every person in the world but also a profession that matches everyone perfectly. We help finding it!


Facts & Figures

Launch: 2011

Employees: 43

Videos online: >6.500

Website: whatchado.com

Jobs: jobs@whatchado.com



Watch Ali Mahlodji’s and Jubin Honarfar’s whatchado Videos (in German) here:




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