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What do we do?

Our vision is to make young people happy by helping them find the job that suits them perfectly! Our job platform is both innovative and intuitive. We know that most job postings look quite similar and do not offer job starters or young professionals a glimpse into what the respective job is all about. That is why people on whatchado do not just speak openly about what the coolest part of their job is, but talk about its limitations too. 
On our platform, job postings are linked to over 7,000 whatchado Videostories of people directly from their jobs. This way, we display an almost infinite variety of occupations – and the job suitable for our user!
As a result, we create transparency, avoid frustration and increase the chances of a successful application – as it were for employers and applicants. We endeavour to bring back openness and humanity to an impersonal job market where applicants have become numbers in an anonymous career portal for too long.


How do we conquer the world?
As diverse as people and their personal stories are, so is the professional world with all its different jobs, employers and job profiles. That is why we do not only connect jobs to thousands of whatchado Videostories but present the associated companies and a wide variety of job profiles in greater detail. Thereby, we offer unique insights behind the scenes and enable young people to find the right employer next to their dream job. Furthermore, the whatchado Interest Test supports our users in displaying only the jobs that match their interests.

Who are we?

We are an open and dedicated team full of special characters and very proud of our exceptional working atmosphere and the great diversity in our team. To us, equal opportunities are more than just a phrase. We are shaping a professional world that holds a space for all people, regardless of culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions.

Who is helping us?

Our more than 350 customers, Hansi Hansmann and of course our business angels Brigitte Ederer, Claus Raidl, the Püspök family, Hilde Umdasch and Nicole Ehrlich-Adam. Furthermore, we are very thankful for the many people out there who believe in us and help us on our way to make tomorrow’s world of work more authentic and transparent for job starters and young professionals.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 2012

Employees: 30

Videostories online: 7,500+

Website: whatchado.com

Jobs: Our company profile on whatchado

Watch Ali Mahlodji’s and Jubin Honarfar’s whatchado Videos (in German) here:


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